Monday, 16 September 2013

Mancora....week 2!!!

So again, we have changed our plan! It’s Monday and we are still in sunny Mancora!! We aren’t ready to leave!!!

Yesterday we left the party hostel – 6 nights was enough! No more pounding music at all hours and staff trying to get us to do ‘beer frisbee’ or ‘beer ping pong’ or ‘beer bingo’!!!! Ahhhh! Great fun but no more.
 We headed up the beach (by foot) about 20 minutes – check out us travellers!!

…to an amazing little hostel called Misfits. An oasis of calm on the beach with 4 little wooden huts on stilts. Lovely, friendly people. Rodrigo, the Portuguese owner is a character – welcoming, super chilled and utterly trusting! When we arrived, he was lazying by the little bar and just pointed us to the blue house – ‘The blue one is yours, sorry I can’t be bothered to get up!’ Kyle later, went down to check if he needed to see our passports or visas etc to check in – ‘Nah! Don’t worry about it!’ We were instructed to make ourselves at home. Noone ‘works’ behind the bar so you just help yourself to whatever you want and make a note for him! Breakfast included. I am getting very fond of jam sandwiches!v

The other day we booked a bus for Wednesday night to travel 9 hours south to Trujillo – a few days stop before back to Lima (for a quick hello to Tim and his partner Janice). Again – we are thinking of changing our plan!!!! We love it so much and this place is in demand; Rodrigo had already preliminary book us an extra couple of nights without asking… he already knows the kind of people we are and that we won’t want to leave after just 3 nights…. PERFECTO… There is a full moon party on Thursday night as well. I think we will stay till Saturday and catch the bus straight back to LIMA. Trujillo does have some great things to see but at this point in the journey the beach is just to tempting as we will not be close to Sun or Sand, or this heat until Colombia after Christmas… Ahh This will be a challenge for Kyle! But hey we have changed our minds this many times already who knows.
Oh also – Kyle is now ‘Carlos’! – easier for the locals. Some of you may remember Carlos once attempted to give himself the nickname 'Carlos El Capitano', Laban peps you can imagine how happy he is with his new name. 

For now we will leave you with the Misfit Channel! 

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