Thursday, 5 September 2013

Blog Entry 3rd Sept '13

We are both currently having a cheeky Starbucks in Madrid airport waiting for our connecting flight to Lima! 15 minutes of free Wifi... get writing Kyle!

What can we say, the last 4-6 weeks have been the craziest, hardest but most exciting times of our lives. WE ARE SHATTERED. Sorting work commitments and tying everything up, projects/client/studios etc, along with the huge task of packing our belongings up and moving out of our house at Westdown Road, 3 years has gone very quick and we had grown very found of our little home. Leaving our amazing next door neighbours Jim and Shona (which was harder than we thought, especially Miss Miggins our surrogate cat). Suddenly it was my birthday and Mum decides to jump out of a plane (luckily with someone on her back with a parachute) in the morning followed by a lovely family BBQ. No hangover.. yippy... ready to party hard for our leaving doo in Kent. What a blinding day and perfect evening for it at my brother Hayes (The Alkins) Wood. We had a great turnout of family and friends, old and new! From St.Bede's lot, Bodiam Manor,Tormead and Homewood.

So back to today? After a pretty emotional goodbye to our parents we set off to find our check in desk... YUP an hour early!! Is it obvious we can't wait to get away.├┐So far all has gone smoothly :-) A speedy 2 hour flight to Madrid and here we are - about to embark on a 10 hr (ish) flight to Lima, Peru. Absolutely no drug smuggling for us! The 15 mins free net has well and truly run out, Hannah and I have passed this back between each other a few times so by the time we get to some working internet again to post this we will hopefully be in Lima. This whole blog writing business is going to take a little getting used to, bare with us promise it is not all going to be full of rubbish rambling. Wasting free net while actually writing it? not a clever use of time! ops. Anyway!

We are feeling so excited for what the future holds while also a little bit funny in the tummy thinking of all we have left behind. We still haven't decided whether to head 18hrs north of Lima to find some lovely beaches near Mancora and just sit and start adjusting to the new pace of life. Hashing out a bit more of a rough plan for the next few months making our way to Buenos Aires for Christmas.
Well its nearly time to board the plane and begin that final leg of the journey to our first stop? and officially leave Europe!

Now I am editing this post while on the plane 1000's of feet above Spain. Amazing how times have changed since last time I went travelling in 2006 aged 19, where in contrast I was preceding to get as pissed as possible on free in flight booze scribbling random thoughts in my journal, I am now typing away on a tiny Macbook Air with a bottle of water and sleeping girly next to me.
Right! I am rambling!


Carlos El Capitano and a sleepy Hannah

Ps. Finally, some working internet to post this blog! It is now 7:47 on Thursday morning in Lima. We have arrived with Tim Saville, a very close (surrogate brother) of my Mum?s who is an art teacher here in Lima. We have a lovely room on the top floor of an apartment block looking out over the busy Barranco (artisan) District. This will be our first full day in Lima,  so we are heading out in a few hours to begin the exploration!

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